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Loli Lookouts at Target!

Hello everyone! :D
Exciting times here at loli_mentors!

I thought that perhaps I'd start sharing the 'loliable' items I see when I'm out and about (as long as I have my camera handy :p)

I'm not certain if I'll keep the title/tag 'Loli Lookouts' but for now a new tag will be added so you can go back and check them out. 

Please feel welcome to share an item you find and post as well! 
(*All posts ARE moderated though, so no funny business will get through hopefully.)

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Update: Available Mentors

 Hello everyone!

I wanted to give enough time for people to get settled into their schooling situations (including myself) and try to allow the people I had contacted a reasonable amount of time to respond, but even I know how easily overlooked PMs can be so this method will have to do for now:

I've created two categories for Mentors.
- If a name is highlighted with a hyperlink, that means that they are still an active member of the community. The hyperlink leads directly to their profile.
- If there is an * by their name, that indicates that they are willing to take more than one Mentee (though the limit is currently 2).

If you are interested in taking on more than one Mentor or wish to express a correction concerning your availability status please comment in this post! I've had to read through posts to check and not everyone validated their current situation. Also, some of you might like to update your profiles with newer pictures or information (new hobbies, taken/not taken/open for one more)  : )

Those of you who never got around to posting a profile should go ahead! 

Available Mentors:


Taken Mentors:
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A New Year - A Fresh Community!

Hello everyone,

It has recently come under discussion that the community could use a bit of a refresh from more frequent posts, possibly implementing a few prompts to inspire the members, and a new and updated list of those of us who are still interested in what the community has to offer :)

In order to being this process, I would be very grateful for those of you (mentors and mentees alike) who are still interested in maintaining a relationship with loli_mentors to post here as not all of you allow PMs and this would be the simplest way of contacting you. 

Friending Memes, shopping guides, and prompts/challenges for mentors and mentees together are all ideas I've been considering to help make this community more lively. If you have any ideas or have a comment about the aforementioned ones please feel free to post below! 

I would really love to see this community help raise camaraderie in the online lolita community!

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Head Count

Hey, kids. It looks like this site has been dead for just about a year. We are still getting new member requests, and I think that this community was a good idea when it first started out.

Can I get a headcount of who still checks this site, so we can start talking about breathing some life back in here?

Edit: Alright, everyone. I've sent some PMs to the other mods and I'm going to see if there needs to be any administrative shuffling. I know that I don't really have the time to be a mentor myself. But, I'd at least like to get a little restructuring done before I fade into the background. I've talked to some other girls I know who used to watch this community, and it seems like there was a problem with mentors never contacting students and students not contacting mentors.

If anyone has any suggestions for improving how the community works, I'd really appreciate the input. I don't feel like it's going to be easy to determine how active a member might be before admitting them to the community. But, we should definitely address the activity problem.
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Mentor/Mentee Evaluations :)

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all been having great experiences with your mentors/mentees. In order to better assess the effectiveness of this community and to monitor as well as try to acknowledge and quarentine ill behaviors, every few months we're requesting that all taken mentors/mentees fill out this simple evaluation and mail it back to us. It's only three questions and it shouldn't take too long so help us help you! :D

Remember only the moderators of the community will see what you submit. Please give a sentance or two; the more detail you inculde the better we can run the community!

Are you happy with your mentor/mentee? Why/Why not? 

What sorts of things have you learned/discussed from your mentor/mentee?

Do you have any suggestions to make 'loli_mentors' a more productive community? 

Please send the completed form to lolimentorlj@yahoo.com Thank you!

mentors that do not have noobs

little_doom - Classic, Aristocrat and gothic Myself - classic, gothic, theme, casual alanna_lioness - Sweet pretty_melodies - sweet, classic (and somewhere inbetween) rozenxmaiden - sweet  grimy13 - sweet, classic, pirate sekushi_chan - sweet, some gothic loli_fied - Classic, pirate This list is not complete. When i go to correct errors in html mode, it deletes whole lines, name and description. Some of you are up here because you haven't put "taken" at the subject of your mentor page, and I have no idea if your connections fell through or not. When you have recieved a noob, please put taken in the subject line of your post. Most everyone else is on the main page, so it shouldn't be too hard to locate.