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Hello, and welcome to this new loli community~
Please take some time to read through the community rules and fill out the proper forms : )

“This community was founded on the idea of providing those that are interested with proper information about Lolita Fashion through the guidance and observation of a mentor.”


PLEASE NOTE that if you would like to part of the community, you must remember to send your application/questionnaire to lolimentorlj@yahoo.com! Thank you :)

Community Rules:
1. Posts are strictly for Mentor Profiles and Moderation Information. If you would like permission to post anything else, you will have to contact one of the Moderators from the list below first.
2. Intermittently the Moderators will check in on mentors and their new Lolitas to insure that the mentors are serving as beneficial guides and that new Lolitas are learning proper information. If either party chooses not to respond to these inquiries, they will lose posting access to the community.
3. At any time, if you feel that you as a mentor or new Lolita feel that there is a problem, please send a PM to one of the Moderators (listed below) and your issue will be handled as discreetly as can be.
4. Please keep images not under cut below 400 by 500 pixels please.
5. Every mentor gets one profile post.
6. Be respectful. Any flaming, drama mongering or general disheartening behavior will be punished.
7. Any offense against these rules and you will receive a warning. Two warnings and you will be banned from the community. Offenses that are especially heinous will result in autoban~ :D
8. If you wish to repeal your Mentorship, please first contact a Mod.

These are your Moderator(s):



In order to keep this community a positive contributor to the Lolita community, we have set up an application system in an attempt to keep n00bs and newbs separate! Please follow these directions closely, to make this process easier for you and the Moderators!:

If you are applying TO BE A MENTOR...

Steps for those applying to be Mentors:
1. Please review the Community Rules and then copy the form below and fill it out accordingly:

2. Request to join the community and then email your filled out application with the subject title: “(Your LJ name)’s Mentor Application” to this address: lolimentorlj@yahoo.com
3. Check back to see if you've been accepted, and granted posting access!
4. Once you have been accepted, please join the community and fill out the ‘Mentor Profile’ form below:

- Please fill in your location in the proper field.
- Be honest!
- Try to link to personal pictures that best represent your style!

5. Post your completed profile to the community and check back to see if any Newbies have requested your Mentorship! Be sure to look for someone you would be able to get along with. Read their profile and talk with them a little before you make a selection.
6. Once you have found your Newbie, please go back to your Mentor Profile post and change the post title to “Taken!” (or something along that line). As well, please prompt your newbie to send you their filled out 'Newbie Questionnaire' so you can better understand what they already know about Lolita Fashion.

If you are A NEWBIE...

1. Please review the Community Rules and then copy the quesionnaire below and fill it out accordingly:

2. Request to join the community and then email your filled out questionnaire with the subject title: “(Your LJ name)’s Newbie Questionnaire” to this address: lolimentorlj@yahoo.com.
* Be sure to keep this handy, as once you find your Mentor, sending this questionnaire to them can help your Mentor find out more about you!

3. Check your email for an acceptance notification and join the community.
4. Use the community tags to look for a mentor that would be compatible with your newbie needs :3
5. Fill out this mini profile and post it as a comment to the profile post of your selected mentor:

6. Try to look for at least two or three different possible mentors, as it is not guaranteed that you will be selected by any individual mentor.

*REMEMBER: You can only be accept to the community once your application/questionnaire is reviewed! Please don't forget to send it in! :)

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